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Effectively Defining Your Space with Poolscaping

A poolscape is the unsung hero of short-term accommodations. It makes all the difference on why customers would go back to your place. Whether you cater to the business clientele type or a family just going out of town, a gardening maintenance company will help you with a poolscaping project.

It surprises many that planting and landscape design are part of poolscaping, but they are. Of course, it doesn’t begin or end with neither the greenery nor the pool.

It doesn’t matter if you need a new pool installed or need to renovate an existing one. It also doesn’t matter if you just need to spruce up the landscaping around your pool or you need a total landscape construction. You still need to consider a number of things.

What to Consider in Poolscaping

Water is known for the calm it brings. In short-term accommodations, it’s a good source of an additional focal point that also provides a very nice ambiance that attracts customers.

There are a lot of poolscape styles and sizes. Be sure to have as many options as possible from your gardening maintenance company.

Here are other things to consider when planning your poolscaping:

* Tiling – Nothing beats blue when water features are concerned. However, many short-term accommodations are now into tile patterns and designed tiles for their pools and they’re definitely game changers.

Remember also that when stone or slate gets used around swimming pools, it will get hot. Porcelain tiles don’t absorb heat and could be better options.

* Fence, Pool Decking, Paving Applications, and Surrounding Patio – It may be mandatory to have a fence but to make a fence work with and not against your pool and landscape design, include it in the planning stage as a design feature.

Same goes for anything found around the pool like pool decking, surrounding patio and even paving applications. Make sure the designs of these separate elements go together.

* Horticulture – they add an essential element to a beautiful poolscape. However, don’t just put them there. Understand what each plant would contribute to the area from an aesthetic and practical viewpoint.

Stay away from the following:

* plants that attract bees and wasps

* plants that have deep roots to avoid having them grow out into your pool’s plumbing

* plants with thorns

* plants that shed heavily

Consult with your gardening maintenance company.

You see, designing and creating a beautiful, functional poolscape is only the start. There should be a regular upkeep of such a beautiful and important feature of your short-term accommodation. Hire a good garden maintenance service company.

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