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Have a Great Time in Bali with Your Own Villa

Bali is Indonesia’s diamond in the crown. The island is a major tourist destination and if you plan to take a vacation this summer, you can do worse than renting out one of many luxury Bali villas available. This will solve a lot of your vacation worries in a single stroke.

The words “luxury Bali villas” conjure up images of relaxing seaside homes and lazing around by the beach. However, they also summon up images of high bills and broken budgets. However, that should not be a worry.

Nowadays, luxury Bali villas can be rented out at inexpensive prices. Well, inexpensive compared to villas in Europe. The villa industry in Indonesia knows that if it wants to attract customers, they need to offer competitive prices. For those who still worry about where their money will go, renting out a villa is a better option than staying at a hotel or a resort. Here are some reasons why.


One of the prime reasons you will want to stay at Bali holiday villas is the privacy it can afford you. When you stay at hotel or any other large accommodation, you will end up sharing it with a whole lot of other people. That hotel swimming pool is not just for you. You’ll be sharing it with other tourists. These include screaming children and more.

This is supposed to be your vacation. If you don’t treat yourself to some quiet privacy to relax, you might as well have stayed home. Plus, the privacy can allow you to do things like skinny-dipping or more that won’t exactly go over well with other guests.


Bali luxury villas are called as that for a reason. Some of these villas rival a hotel for their amenities. They have their own swimming pool, a jacuzzi and more. However, the luxury part is the rooms. A hotel room is a poor replacement for an entire house. Have a comfortable living room and a relaxing bedroom all-exclusive to you. Plus, the staff of the villa is only for you and not shared with other guests.


Another advantage to renting out a villa is access. Some of the best villas in Bali are located near or on the beaches of the island. Compare this to hotels that are usually found in bustling commercial areas. This means that the beaches are just a walk away. No need to ride out or rent a car. Sometimes, you’ll only have to go outside to see the sandy beaches.

With the right villa rented, your Bali vacation will be something to remember for a lifetime/

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