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Nice Travel Destinations in Indonesia Aside from Bali

Those who travel to Indonesia often find themselves booking a hotel room typically in Bali or Phi Phi Islands, but these places are often overcrowded with tourists. While they do offer you all-out night parties, there are other destinations in Indonesia that are also worth to explore. If you have already seen the two locations mentioned earlier, why not book an accommodation in Lombok for a change? This will give you a whole new experience that’s so much unlike that of Bali.

Must see places in Indonesia

Gili Islands

These are three remote islands in Indonesia – Gili Air, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Meno. They are just 180 kilometers east of Bali. Backpackers are often the ones who commonly visit these places and book in any of the Gili island hotels in this area.

Gili islands are popular for their clear waters and coral reefs, perfect for people who are divers or those who like to snorkel. Its waters are home to colorful fish, sea turtles, and sharks. Seasoned tourist divers also come here to see the Japanese shipwreck in Trawangan, one of the reasons why accommodation in Gili Trawangan are in demand.

While some people like to party all night long, those who like to experience a little bit of serenity come to the secluded Gili islands. It is common for Gili accommodation to come in the form of villas, which allows visitors to have some privacy. Some of the villas even have their own private beaches.

The night may not be as loud and festive compared to the beach bars in Bali, but you will have a nice time just the same, not gazing at party people, but at the stars twinkling, a million bright lights in the sky.


Just like Gili islands, Lombok is a quiet place that will let you have a nice break from the noise of the city. Depending on the season, staying in an accommodation in Lombok may let you take a peek at the colorful festivals in the place. Some of these include Bau Nyale, Hari Raya, and Senggigi festival.

This is said to be perfect honeymooners; sunsets are simply romantic in Lombok. Located in here is a great volcano, the Mount Rinjani, which is also known as the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, a location that offers a great trekking adventure for two to six days. Surfers also can’t get enough of accommodation in Lombok because of the location’s massive waves.

Bali is the party place in Indonesia. But, if you want to see unspoiled crystal clear waters, go to Gili Islands or Lombok.

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