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Top Countries to Visit for a Mix of Adventures

Thirsting for an adventure? Then by now, you may already be plotting your next getaway trip. If you have not decided on the country yet, you may be interested in stopping by in one of these top-rated destinations:


There is more to explore in Italy other than the fact that this is home to the famous Italian pasta. They are also known for having beautiful and lovely people. Exploring Italy is like visiting another era with old-world destinations such as the Coliseum, Florence Cathedral, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pantheon, and Roman Forum.


It’s where Paris is found – the most romantic city of all time. It’s the reason why people think of “love” when they hear of France. It’s no longer new for people to describe the country as sophisticated, refined, and infectious.  Top attractions include Musee du Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace, Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Rheims, and Arenes de Nimes.


Spain is the country that can be likened to a soulful music. People in here love celebrating the good life. From the flamboyant fiestas, exemplary cuisine, to the unrivaled tapestry, Spain bespoke passion where anything can happen. Barcelona is majestic with its Gothic architecture, Ibiza is popular for its beaches and nightclubs, Madrid stands grand with its palace and museums, and Gran Canarias speaks of luxury with its beach and golf resorts.


There are just so many reasons to visit Greece, the place where the sun meets the azure water. Food is to die for – vegans and carnivores alike would find this place brimming with mouthwatering delicacies. It also boasts an array of adventures. Greece is known for its nightlife scene, beaches, history, and islands. From the architecture in Athens to the relaxing beaches in Santorini, an amazing experience awaits you when you visit this country.

New Zealand

There may be more cows in New Zealand, but nonetheless, still worthy of a visit. This was chosen as the venue for filming the “The Lord of The Rings” for a reason. New Zealand has an array of unspoiled landscapes. The locals are very friendly and used to having visitors around. The country will let you experience these adventures – skiing, kayaking, surfing snowboarding, sailing, parachuting, swimming, caving, and horseback riding.


Thailand continues to attract tourist yearly with its exotic cuisine, vibrant culture, and exquisite resorts. Go island hopping in Phuket, visit the divine restaurants in Bangkok, or just relax in one of the holistic and wellness resorts in the country.

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