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While the Northern Hemisphere is on its way to the winter season, Australians are bracing for the hottest months. In Sydney, beating the heat is not just about having pool shades installed or your roof insulation checked. Summers down under are notorious for causing skin cancer, heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses. And sadly, the temperatures are only going to get hotter every year. Bloomberg reports that Sydney temperatures are already soaring to as high as 50C in the western suburbs. As the climate becomes more erratic, temperatures keep rising in this part of Australia. The country is already “ahead of the curve when it comes to warming” the same report says.

While heat-reflecting paint, pergolas and pool shades can help manage the heat in your home, you can definitely do more to prepare your home and your family for the December to February dry spell.

Shade up

While an open front lawn or patio gives the illusion of more space, it does not protect you and your family from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun during the summer. Pavements, garages, and outdoor flooring exposed to direct sunlight can also increase household temperatures. It is time to set aside aesthetics and prioritize safety. Consider having a carport or pool shade structure built to lessen the impact of sunlight on your car or pool. Cantilever-type shades are also helpful in keeping your outdoor paths, patios and decks cooler. As early as now, people are having pool shades installed in Sydney so kids can still get in to the water to cool off without being burnt by the sun.

Use light fabric

Pool shades and other shade structures offer some outdoor heat protection but what about the heat indoors? While the sun may not directly affect you while inside, you’re faced with the challenge of poor ventilation and trapped heat. Certain furniture like foam beds and leather couches are really terrible for use during the summer. They can make you feel uncomfortable, sweaty and itchy. During the summer months, switch to furniture that’s made from wood or bamboo. Also change your bedsheets and curtains to light cotton fabric. Get rid of heavy drapes and too much fluff. Take inspiration from Mediterranean interiors and allow the wind to pass freely indoors.


Another major cause of soaring indoor temperatures is clutter. Having so many things in your home can prevent air to pass though freely in your surroundings. You may have some furniture blocking the windows or doors which prevent good airflow in your home. Skip the overly complex Christmas decorations, get rid of plastic ornaments, and keep items that are natural and organic. Synthetic materials tend to trap heat as well. Finally, lessen your furniture and keep a minimalist interior to ensure best airflow within your property.

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