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A machinery is an essential tool in many businesses. One type of machinery is the elevated work platform, which helps workers reach challenging areas no matter how high. It also operates with just one person and has many useful features like electrical outlets, air compressors, and carrying frames. You might need this tool to run your business.

Types of EWPs

Companies usually use different types of EWPs. Each type has its distinct features depending on the user’s needs. This guide can also help if you have plans to EWP equipment hire in Sydney.

  1. Cherry Pickers

It is commonly called knuckle booms or boom lifts. Fruit pickers use this kind of EWP because they can carry around 200 kg weight load. This picker can either be diesel-powered or electric, and it only depends where you want to use it. This equipment is perfect for people that need more maneuvering other than just up and down lifts.

  1. Elevating Rolling Work Platforms

This kind of elevated work platform is also called as scissor lifts because it only moves up or down. Its design is like a scissor and folds when you lift it up or down during usage. Scissor lifts are great for cleaning high ceilings, painting, changing signage, and gutters. It even has different sizes that you can choose from depending on how high you will work on. Use this tool if you will work only on up and down lifting.

  1. Vertical Mast Lifts

The smallest EWP and must only be used for indoor work. It can work in small spaces and only on up and down motion. This lift is available in dual mast and single models.

Safety Tips While Using EWPs

An elevated work platform must be used only by a qualified person. Here are some safety reminders to consider while using the tool.

  • Use the correct type of EWP for your work. Use the guide above to know what you will use.
  • Make sure that you have examined, monitored, and tested that it functions well before you use it.
  • The use of safety gear is highly recommended to avoid injuries when using EWP.
  • Immediately take the equipment for repair if you notice signs of damage or malfunctions. It can help prevent injuries and further damages.
  • Never use EWP outdoor during heavy rains and strong winds.

EWP is a piece of heavy-duty equipment that needs responsibility and proper training. Follow this simple guide to make sure that you are safe regardless when using the tool.

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