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There is a growing demand for Korean food across the world and because of this popularity, streets are now oversaturated with restaurants trying to vie for the top spot. It is now harder to find the best Korean BBQ in Sydney but there are a few qualities to look out for. Here are some of the things you should look for when checking out a Korean BBQ restaurant.

The Place

The first thing to consider is the overall appeal of the place. No, we are not talking about the location of the restaurant itself as the Korean BBQ in Chinatown can be just as, if not better than those found in Korea. We are talking about how the restaurant presents itself to the general public as similar to food, presentation is a part of the experience itself.

Do not expect every place to be designed excellently from top to bottom. The places that serve the best Korean BBQ in Sydney should be clean and spotless, as how all other restaurants should be. It is hard to expect any poorly designed and maintained restaurants to have good food if the place itself is lackluster.

The Meat

Since this is BBQ we are talking about, it should go without saying that the meat itself plays a major role in the overall quality of the restaurant. Since Australia has some amazing cuts of beef and pork, there are many that partner up with a Korean restaurant in Sydney. Before dining in, it is best to ask the restaurant where their meat comes from.

The meat should be fresh and cut to perfection as these all play a vital role in the quality of the taste of the food. The best Korean BBQ in Sydney must be easy to cut and chew and above all, it must be flavorful even without seasoning. Next up, let us talk about what truly matters in a Korean BBQ place; the price of the food.

The Price

Some restaurants seem to take advantage of their customers as they place a hefty price on their food. Regardless of the quality of the meat or the design of the place, a Korean restaurant must have reasonable prices for their food. It would be better if they price their meat by the kilo so consumers have a better idea of what they are getting into. No one should have to spend hundreds upon hundreds for a meal.

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