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The Australian government puts the family at foremost by creating the Family Law Act that reaffirms the importance of securing the welfare and rights of every member. Lawyers in Sydney dedicate special skills at helping a family suffering legal issues such as separation, divorce, and financial support. Family lawyers are trained and skilled at taking care of family legal issues.


The breakdown of a family relationship can be stressful not only to the spouses but also for the children. When the family relationship cannot be saved and divorce is the ultimate solution, lawyers in Sydney with specialization with the provisions of Family Law Act can help families to put things right.  If they decide not to go to the court, they can ask a family lawyer to help them write a separation agreement. The spouses with properties can ensure each right is well-protected. The Family Law generally specifies the rights of every spouse and help each get fair share during the court proceedings. Spouses can settle any property dispute outside the court and can decide to divide the property among them. However, when one feels his or her right has been violated, he or she can ask the court and can file a legal resolution for fair property division with the help of a family lawyer.

Children support

Family solicitors in Australia help separated spouses with children for children’s support. While children support for minors is mandatory in divorce, it is best to have a family lawyer with specialization in children support in order to ensure the financial support is enough to provide child care, including health, education and other child’s needs as mandated by the guidelines. However, the court can also decide outside the guidelines if the judge sees it fit. Your family lawyer can help you file resolutions whenever the other party fails to comply or practice delays in child’s support.

Claims against inheritance

The Family Act defines who the legitimate heirs in estates are. When a dispute arises amongst the heirs, members can ask the court with the help of a family lawyer to decide who the legitimate heirs are and to help resolve the legal issues. The Family Act clearly defines that a legitimate heir shouldn’t be denied of his or her legal share in any estate.

Whenever a legal issue arises amongst the family members, lawyers in Sydney specialized in Family Law Act can help a lot in many ways. Their duty and foremost role is helping families in resolving legal issues that affect the solidarity and essence of a family.

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When Families are Besieged with Family Legal Issues - Family Lawyers Can Help in Many Ways, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating