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Two-thirds of Australian households own a pet according to Dr. Ferdi Botha, a researcher from the University of Melbourne, and cited that 48 percent of pet-owning households have a dog, cats come in second at 37 percent, fish at 18 percent, and birds at 16 percent. Amongst the dog-owning population, however, there are no statistics as to how many dogs have undergone K9 obedience training. While dogs are great companions and truly, man’s best friend, they can do more than just be someone’s company. 

They have been influenced much by humans in the course of history that their DNA has evolved to make them the most suitable animal companion for us. They descended from wolves who have a different set of behaviors. A proof of this is the dog agility training in Sydney where these canines are trained to conquer obstacle courses. As a sport, dogs are measured in terms of their agility as the human owner coaches them along through sound, body movements, and other signals. 

Dog agility emerged in the 1970s in the United Kingdom and later caught on in New South Wales by the early 80s. Canine federations and kennel clubs organize these events dangling a lucrative cash prize and trophy for the champion-to-be. As such K9 obedience schools have emerged to train dogs on different skills and techniques. This includes training dogs for other sporting events like dancing, endurance, flyball, track and search and so on. 

Dog agility training however is one of the most popular and only the best dog trainer in Sydney can help dogs achieve higher levels of performance. In agility training, canines have to overcome different obstacles, tunnels, boxes, hurdles, tires, ramps, and so much more. It’s similar to equestrian events minus the horse rider or the equestrian. Dog owners also have a huge role in the competition as they are the ones guiding and instructing their dogs throughout the whole competition. 

Enrolling a dog in K9 obedience school has major benefits and not only for competition purposes. There are different training sessions each tailored to a specific purpose. Dogs can be trained for civic duties like assisting disabled persons; they can be trained for police and investigative work; they can also be trained to be better household companions. They can be trained at any age and can learn skills depending on their pace, attitude, and other factors. The bottom line is you can unlock a dog’s full potential if you give it the opportunity to be trained.


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