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Staying Trendy and Stylish While Traveling

Packing your favorite clothes and shoes for a vacation can be challenging. With numerous airlines charging increasing fees for checked luggage, packing light has turn out to be not only a concern of space but of money as well, according to a Sydney lifestyle blogger. Before, the only thing that a traveler cares about was how much his/her bag weighed. But now, travelers carefully consider what items go into their suitcases so they can save baggage space and still remain fashionable.

  • Basics and a few statement pieces – Majority of the apparels you pack must be basics, not statement clothes. A black skirt, dark blue jeans, a pretty sundress, warm coat or shorts, depending on the destination climate, and some dressy-casual tops can all be mixed and matched to suit any occasion, according to an Australian travel blogger. By stocking the bulk of your suitcase with basic clothes, you eliminate the need to bring a different set of attires for each activity.
  • Lovely shoes – Another perfect way to add flavor to an outfit is by bringing a colorful and interesting pair of shoes to match apparels with solid colors. Colorful shoes go well with dresses, shorts, jeans or basically any solid-colored clothing. Lovely boots are another perfect item to spice up an outfit. However, not all boots pack well so find a pretty pair of knee-high boots as it doesn’t take up so much space in the luggage.
  • Accessories – Like with your outfit, keeping your accessories simple will match more easily with any clothing. As suggested by a Sydney lifestyle blogger, small silver or gold studs, your favorite watch or charm bracelet, and a nice pendant, should cover your needs, whether you are going casual or dressy. You would be amazed how easy it is to display different styles with a few accessories.
  • Consider your travel destination – Obviously, if you are going to Bavaria, Germany, you don’t want to bring a swimsuit and shorts. Likewise, a trip to Bali, Indonesia is not the place for turtlenecks and heavy winter coats. Many travelers find it easier to pack for a tropical destination since they just throw in some sundresses and bikinis.

It’s totally understandable that travelers want to be comfortable when traveling, but there are many ways to be comfortable during trips without sacrificing fashion.  Want more travel and fashion ideas? Sydney lifestyle blogger, Helen Chik, put together some useful travel resources with remarkable tips and tricks she has learned after constantly traveling for years.

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