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Wedding Photography and Videography Trends in Creating Beautiful and Classic Wedding

Weddings today are becoming more and more about a couple of the moment. With perfect wedding is perfect wedding photography who is the main storyteller of this major life event. It is not surprising that top creative wedding photographers in Auckland are following this bandwagon of focusing on a couple of the moment on their still and moving wedding images.

The classic bride

And who’s the prettiest girl at the moment? It’s the bride of course and wedding photographers are back in bringing the classic bride all dress in white and lacey dress holding her classic bouquet of dainty while bridal flowers.  Auckland wedding photographers put emphasis on having the bride enjoy her once-in-a-lifetime glory in landscape bridal portrait shots. She at the moment is the most beautiful girl and her wedding album simply shows it all. The classic bride portrait stands out in the wedding album as well as in the wedding video.

Classic ceremony and reception

Like the classic bride, classic traditional wedding ceremony and reception is back and wedding photographers in Auckland are capturing through their lenses the classic ballroom where couples share dancing moments with their guests including the classic dance with the father of the bride, the couple’s first dance and emotions and fun-filled dancing moments of guests and families. Classic silver candlestick, monogrammed lined napkins, lacey overlays and crystals wares are given focused to make dramatic effects and the classic touches and texture.

Dramatic entrance

With Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s dramatic entrance using large flower installations, wedding photographers are now going gaga over dramatic entrance shoot for their brides and grooms. Dramatic entrance installation makes any simple and ordinary wedding look like royal and that is yet another creative wedding photographer that will go a long way.

The couple’s love story

To tell the couple’s story is to focused on how their story began and creative wedding photographers and videographers in Auckland tell it through an umbrella that is responsible for the meeting or a bridge where they first met or shooting them in front of the Cafe where they first saw each other or anything that tells how it all begun and there’s nothing more romantic than seeing it unfolds through the wedding photos and videos.

Wedding photographers and videographers in Auckland do not only exercise keen eye for love, tenderness, and humor but most importantly follow trends that demonstrate their artistic skills and expertise. Being a couple of the moment, wedding photographers in Auckland do not only capture your wedding scenes but more of capturing memories that truly expresses the essence of you as a couple.

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